What do I see on the map?

You can see your location (blue pin) and location of the nearest pawn shops (red pins). Tapping the red pin opens a window with information about a pawn shop (name and address). For the list of nearest pawn shops tap the green button in the bottom right corner of the map.

What is "The nearest pawn shops"?

In the list you will see 10 nearest to you pawn shops, how far away they are, as well as "Call" and "Go to map" buttons, which give you the opportunity to call or get directions to the pawn shop.

What is "Estimate"?

In this section you can send a request for a preliminary assessment, which will allow you to find out the estimated cost of goods. Your request will be sent to the 5 nearest pawn shops, which accept goods in this category.

What is "Estimations"?

In this section you can view your previous requests for a preliminary assessment and responses from pawn shops. Tapping a request will open a list of all the responses received so far.

What is "Profile"?

In this section you can view your profile information, change password and the language of the application and sign out of your account.

Why the app is not opening?

For the proper functioning of the application, you need:
1. GPS signal;
2. Internet connection;
3. Location permissions.
If you are missing any of the requirements listed above, an error message will be displayed.
1. If GPS is turned off or the signal is week - "No GPS signal". Check if the GPS is turned on and tap "Repeat".
2. If the Internet is turned off or the signal is week - "Internet problems". Check if the Internet is turned on and tap "Repeat".
3. If location services are disabled - "Permission is needed for GPS use". You can enable location permissions for Lomba in your phone's settings.